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Introduction to the process of using used clothing as alternative fuel (RDF/SRF)

Article published:2024-05-09

Introduction to the process of using used clothing as alternative fuel (RDF/SRF)

Waste clothing is a renewable resource. Generally, the used clothing is collected uniformly on the market and then selected for reuse and donation to mountainous areas. The poor-quality clothing that cannot be reused can be converted into combustible alternative fuel (RDF/SRF) through proper treatment for incineration enterprise production and waste reduction. It can also respond to the dual-carbon strategy to contribute to the carbon emission compliance of incineration enterprises and national carbon emission reduction. After the material is determined, it is also necessary to determine the accurate equipment selection and model configuration according to the output and discharge requirements and the feeding method. The following will introduce the conventional process of using used clothing to prepare alternative fuel (RDF/SRF) launched by Kowloon.

Introduction to the process of using used clothing as alternative fuel (RDF/SRF)

Waste clothing

First, a metal chain plate or belt conveyor uniformly feeds the waste clothing to the double-shaft shredder for rough crushing, and then the material is crushed into long strips of cloth about 150-300mm. Then, the crushed material is conveyed to the single-shaft fine crusher through the discharge belt for fine crushing to meet the required size for the use of alternative fuels. Generally, the crushing size is required to be less than 8 cm. In addition, before entering the fine crushing, the self-unloading iron remover is required to screen the metal to prevent the metal from entering the fine crusher and causing the fine crusher to wear faster. Finally, the finished material crushed by the single-shaft fine crusher is selected according to the final use requirements, whether it is formed and incinerated by the molding machine or directly crushed and packaged and transported to the incineration enterprise for use.

Preparation of alternative fuels from waste clothing

Through this waste clothing disposal production line launched by Kowloon, it has brought considerable benefits to the disposal enterprises while making reasonable resource utilization of waste clothing. Friends and leaders who need this equipment can contact us directly.