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How to recycle waste steel wire and rubber belts?

Article published:2024-05-13

How to recycle waste steel wire and rubber belts?

In the field of solid waste recycling, there is a special resource, which is waste steel wire and rubber belts. This kind of rubber belt is generally used in places rich in mineral resources to transport mined ore over long distances. Because the ore is huge, ordinary rubber belts cannot bear it, so steel wire rubber belts are often used. Strands of steel wire ropes are evenly dispersed inside the rubber belt to increase the strength of the rubber belt. Usually this kind of rubber belt is very thick, usually 3-10cm thick, and the diameter of the steel wire rope inside also ranges from 1-10mm. In addition to the thickness of the rubber belt and the diameter of the steel wire rope, this kind of rubber belt is also very long because it is transported over long distances in the mine. The rubber belt that is recycled after wear and tear is also recycled in rolls.

How to recycle waste steel wire and rubber belts?

Recycling of scrap steel wire and rubber belts

Because it is thick, has steel wire ropes, and is rolled in a large diameter, it is very difficult to recycle this type of steel wire rubber belt. Today we will talk about how to recycle such steel wire rubber belts.

First of all, since the steel wire rubber belt is recycled into a roll with a large diameter, the rolled rubber belt needs to be guided by a guide device and then cut into segments. This step is called steel wire rubber belt pretreatment. The steel wire rubber belt cut into pieces is transported by the chain plate conveyor to the double-shaft shear crusher. The double-shaft crusher breaks the steel wire rubber belt into long strips, and then screens out the broken long strips of steel wire rubber belt through a roller screening machine. Blocks of about 5 cm in size are returned to the double-shaft shear crusher to continue crushing, and blocks of 5 cm or so enter the steel wire separator for further crushing. The steel wire separator separates the block-shaped steel wire rubber belts into Rubber pellets and steel wires. At this stage, steel wire and rubber belts have been resourced. The steel wires can be sold and recycled for smelting, and the rubber can be cracked or used as an alternative fuel. If you want to further make the rubber into smaller particles or grind it into powder, you need to add a granulator or grinder to process the rubber into different sizes. Eventually this rubber can be made into various recycled rubber products.

Steel wire rubber belts are difficult to handle due to the difficulty of material processing, so when choosing equipment processing manufacturers, you must compare more and choose a manufacturer with processing experience and processing capabilities. Welcome to contact us.