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How to turn raw domestic waste into resources?

Article published:2024-05-11

How to turn raw domestic waste into resources? ( solid waste grinder )

The classification of domestic primary domestic waste is currently imperfect, and the materials are still in a mixed state. If you want to realize the resource utilization of primary domestic waste, the combustible materials can be made into RDF fuel blocks for market demand. However, the materials are mixed with a large amount of kitchen waste as well as low calorific value and non-combustible materials such as porcelain flakes and stones. Therefore, before domestic waste can be used as alternative fuel, it must go through a series of shredding and screening to remove the non-combustible materials. After separation, the remaining combustibles can be processed into high-heat alternative fuel RDF/SRF.

How to turn raw domestic waste into resources?

The main disposal processes are as follows: ( solid waste grinder )

1. Domestic waste is transported to the coarse shredder through the chain conveyor, and the materials are torn and shredded by the coarse shredder;

2. The shredded materials are adsorbed out of the ferromagnetic metals in the materials through magnetic separation equipment;

3. The remaining materials enter the drum screen for screening, and the kitchen waste, slag, stones and other impurities are separated; the kitchen waste and other impurities can be made into humus through a high-temperature decomposition process;

4. The screened materials enter the air separator to sort out the non-combustible materials; ( solid waste grinder )

5. The combustible materials will enter the single-shaft fine shredder to finely crush the materials to meet the requirements of back-end RDF briquetting;

6. The finely crushed materials can enter the RDF forming machine or the bulk materials can be packaged directly.